I love doing weddings. All too often, it seems the ceremony is something only to be endured - if you even showed up. Many people skip the ceremony all together and head straight to the reception. I have been on a personal crusade to make the wedding ceremony the most memorable event of the day. I want it to be personal and to reflect the love and relationship of the couple for which I am performing the service. A special added bonus has been the relationships that have come out of the time spent counseling and planning with the couple.

To accomplish this I require 4 counseling sessions to be completed by the wedding. The last one is informal and can be done over lunch or dinner. During these sessions we will get to know each other and plan the ceremony. We also will look at our families of origin and explore the needs we have in our lives.

I expect there to be a wedding rehearsal, preferably the day before the wedding, but not more than two days before.

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