Individual Psychotherapy

Nobody changes until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.

Everything that happens to us is written on our souls. For many of us that reality has been a source of pain in our lives. We feel broken, disconnected, alone. We need a safe place far from judgment to dig through our pain and find some relief.

These areas include but are not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Physical and Emotional Abuse Recovery, Self-Esteem issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Impulse Control, Grief Counseling, Divorce Recovery.

Adolescents (12 and above) and Young Adults are a specialty.

Individual Psychotherapy is an experience that allows a person to reconnect with themselves in a positive non-judgmental way. In this process I seek to become your partner and dialogue with you about what is happening inside you and how it is affecting your life, relationships and work.

Everyone has an enormous well of strength to achieve mental and emotional health. We want to tap into that wellspring and enable you to achieve your goals.

It is important to feel relaxed and safe. Studies show that the most important aspect of success in therapy is the relationship a client has with their therapist. Here you will feel respected and cared for. The partnership we will develop will give you the tools to achieve recovery.

Everything is tailored to the individual. I see every person and their needs as unique. You donít fit in any box or pre-described category.

Family/Couple Counseling

Most people see the therapist as the fireman who comes to put out the fire in our lives. I want us to see the therapist as the one who inspects the wiring and prevents fires.

We don't live in isolation Ė our lives cause us to constantly interact with others. At times those relationships can become strained, painful or destructive. I have worked with families for over 28 years as a youth pastor and a therapist. I know how much hurt can come from broken relationships. Here is an opportunity to work on those primary relationships and bring about healing for a family.

Marriage Counseling
Marriage is hard work. Somehow many of us come to believe that if we love each other everything will be easy and fun. But this is simply not true. Relationships constantly change. The stress of having children, job changes or losses, or just plain living can create chasms of distance between spouses. Sometimes marriages are trying to cope with issues of infidelity, emotional affairs, or just disconnect. Wherever your marriage is, it is critical to seek help as soon as you can so that you can find a way to bring yourselves together instead of driving each other away.

Adolescent Therapy
Working as a youth pastor for 25 years gives me a unique understanding of Middle School, High School and College age young adults. This perilous time of life is rife with change and uncertainty. Many young people have a hard time finding someone they can relate to and trust. It is not easy making a therapeutic relationship with many young adults, but many desperately need someone to help them through this difficult time. Coping with learning disabilities, cutting, depression, anxiety, problems with bullies and just plain self-esteem issues are areas where your young person might need some guidance.

Spiritual/Life Direction

We are a people set adrift in life. We often seem to have no direction or control. We hunger for safe harbor Ė a way to anchor our lives.

Do you feel like something is missing from your life? Does it just seem like there should be something more? Is there emptiness in your heart that seems impossible to fill? Are you going nowhere in your job or life? All of these are signs that you might need some spiritual or life direction.

Life Direction is for those who are seeking to find a purpose in their life. They donít necessarily have any crises but they feel they need more direction, goals and a plan for accomplishing those goals.

Spiritual Direction is the path of connecting to something more. It is the journey of seeking God in your life, to find a relationship with the Creator. You were created for so much more; in fact you were created for an abundant life. Here is a chance to open yourself up to a spiritual journey that could change your life.

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